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Meditaion Earring with colorful Chakra design

Meditaion Earring with colorful Chakra design

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Are you ready to dip your lobes in a world of unparalleled charm? Behold, our homemade custom-created Zen-inspired earrings are not just accessories – they're a mindful journey suspended from your ears!

Each pair of earrings is a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. Our artisans blend imagination and skill to curate wearable art that resonates with your individuality. Whether you're seeking to center your being or simply wish to infuse your day with mindful moments, our earrings offer a pathway to a realm where each step is a meditation, and each gaze holds a whisper of inner peace.

Remember, these aren't merely earrings – they're gateways to a realm where adorning yourself becomes a sacred ritual. Step into and let your ears echo with the serene melodies of your soul's journey.

*Make of Natural Wood

*Sizes Visible in photo

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